How can Inventory Visibility help my business?

Seamless end-to-end visibility (“the glass pipeline”) to inventory, assets, orders, documentation and shipments across the supply chain is essential to enterprise logistics effectiveness. Global visibility enables logistics professionals to reduce network-wide inventory levels, maximize fulfillment rates, ensure secure shipments and respond dynamically to events that may impact the execution process. JDA Inventory Visibility provides this seamless and detailed supply chain visibility capability while serving as a platform for next generation logistics command and control thus enabling a more adaptive and agile supply chain.


  • Integration with legacy and third party systems
  • Detailed data capture with user-configurable displays
  • Available-to-promise and capable-to-deliver functionality
  • Real-time RFID-based visibility


  • Faster access to global logistics information
  • Streamlines supplier, internal supply chain and customer relationships
  • Enhances e-business and omni-channel responsiveness

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