How can Assortment Optimization help my business?

Category leaders are often made or undone by their assortments. The wrong products take up valuable shelf space, gather dust and erode retailer margins — while the right products generate revenues, earning customer loyalty and retailer trust. With so much riding on an accurate product mix, you need JDA Assortment Optimization. It’s the industry’s only space-aware solution, combining spatial and planogram data with point-of-sale, market and demographic insights. Why guess, when you can optimize with JDA?


  • Transferable demand and decision trees lead to fact-based decisions
  • Extremely visual process for easy assortment definition
  • Industry’s only space-aware solution for optimizing allocated space


  • More targeted assortments, leading to higher revenues and margins
  • Greater inventory precision and lower costs
  • Increased consumer satisfaction and loyalty

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