Five Steps to a Highly Digital Supply Chain – JDA Releases the Digital Supply Chain For Dummies Book

Third ‘For Dummies’ book from JDA arms supply chain professionals with the strategies required for tackling supply chain digitalization, and pushing the edge by leveraging virtual reality, IoT and advanced analytics

Scottsdale, Ariz. April 19, 2017

It’s no secret that the digital supply chain transformation is heavily underway among retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers, but the question is: how fast can we get there? To address this, JDA Software Group, Inc.  has written the playbook on the digital strategies supply chain practitioners need to develop to respond and embrace these rapid technology advancements. JDA’s “Digital Supply Chain For Dummies®, JDA Software Special Edition” will be introduced ‘live’ at JDA FOCUS 2017 – JDA’s annual global customer conference next week in Las Vegas.

In this new book, which joins the other ‘For Dummies’ books JDA has written, including “Profitable Omni-Channel For Dummies®, JDA Software Special Edition,” and JDA’s first ‘For Dummies’ book, “Supply Chain For Dummies®, JDA Software Special Edition” supply chain practitioners and others will benefit from learning how to build and capitalize on the digital transformation currently underway. From production to warehouse to shipping to retail, organizations can use modern supply chain technology to revamp, revitalize and refine their processes in order to gain a competitive advantage. Readers will also get a closer look at real-world best practices in leveraging digitalization advancements like augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics.

“As the leading company in supply chain, we wrote the latest ‘For Dummies’ book as the playbook for supply chain practitioners to use as they tackle the sea change underway, giving guidance on the digital strategies and technologies customers will want to consider as they embark on their digital supply chain journey,” said Fred Baumann, group vice president, industry strategy, JDA. “The book also covers the bases for IT considerations in enabling the new digital supply chain and is meant to arm customers for success.”

The book – authored by JDA experts Fred Baumann, Glen Ceniza, Serge Massicotte, and Anand Medepalli –  discusses topics including:

  • Supply chain digitalization
  • Defining your playbook for digital supply chain success
  • Creating digital strategies and technologies
  • Linking IT to the digital supply chain
  • Critical success factors to a digital supply chain strategy

This ‘For Dummies’ book defines the trends that make up digitalization – physical ‘things’ incorporating computer technology or IoT, readily available external big data, including social, news events and weather, and real-time, intelligent computer systems and software. It then delves into why having a digital supply chain strategy in place will help organizations profitably plan and deliver customized, individualized products and services.

JDA is hosting a series of on demand webinars discussing each of the five steps highlighted within the new Digital Supply Chain For Dummies book, register here:

  • Step 1: Digital Supply Chain Playbook
  • Step 2: Manufacturing Planning
  • Step 3: Transportation
  • Step 4: Warehouse
  • Step 5: Seamless Store

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