Check out our team in action. Check out our team in action.

Ever wonder what the supply chain of the future will look like? What technology advancements will reshape the way we do business? We do, every day.

Looking toward the future is the job of JDA Labs, a global research and development team headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Every day, the creative thought leaders at JDA Labs are focused on delivering game-changing new products, winning patents and developing revolutionary best practices that will shape the future supply chain — and deliver incredible results for our customers.

JDA Labs is driving research and innovation in three key areas:

Maximizing the impact of data. 

Today, you have a wealth of data about your operations and your customers — but how can you transform that information into high-impact actions that support your long-term success? JDA Labs is investigating new approaches to help you incorporate "big data" science and analytics into your everyday supply chain decisions. Machine learning, new optimization science and other innovative ideas from JDA Labs have the potential to change the role of data within your organization, dramatically increasing your confidence as you make critical decisions and decreasing your risk exposure.

Redefining the user experience. 

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, JDA Labs is rethinking our customers' most foundational experiences with our software. From mobile technology to augmented reality and wearable devices, JDA experts are exploring how users at all levels of your company can leverage leading-edge technology to maximize the contribution of JDA solutions. They're also exploring new software features and functionality that capitalize on emerging technologies and deliver a reimagined user experience.

Launching innovative new solutions rapidly. 

JDA has a long history of product innovation and JDA Labs is focused on bringing new solutions to market as rapidly as possible, so you can start realizing benefits immediately. By applying the world's leading innovation practices to shorten the lead time from idea to launch across JDA's entire portfolio, JDA Labs is strengthening our market leadership — and creating new opportunities for you to seize leadership across your end-to-end supply chain.

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