AI-Powered SCM Platform

JDA’s AI-powered Supply Chain Management Platform

The autonomous supply chain is here to deliver on demand, navigate disruptions months in advance and keep your business ahead of market sea changes. Start making yours a reality and make supply chain decisions with exacting precision with JDA’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform. 

As the industry’s first development platform, the JDA SCM Platform focuses on navigating complex, end-to-end supply chain challenges in the digital age by tapping into the power of Blue Yonder artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) optimization. 

Now you can unlock strategic responses to your most complex challenges using AI/ML optimization and intelligent, efficient API-led architecture powered by MuleSoft. JDA’s first-of-its-kind SCM Platform is built to deliver to the world’s largest businesses – running on Microsoft Azure and providing battle-tested scalability, maturity and security.

Delivered through the Cloud with an Open, API-led Architecture

Change the way you think about supply chain management with access to powerful, hyper-scalable services supporting ingestion, harvesting, validation and distribution. The Microsoft Azure-powered platform combines rich internal and external data from across digital supply chain assets. Now you can consume, enhance, supplement, mine and analyze rich datasets to detect previously unseen insights across your supply chain network for smarter, more actionable AI/ML-based decisions. With JDA’s SCM Platform you can connect your core enterprise and SaaS-based applications and align planning, execution and delivery capabilities from end-to-end. 

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The intelligence within the JDA Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform enables the JDA® Luminate portfolio, powered by Blue Yonder. Start bringing your autonomous supply chain to life with JDA’s SCM platform, combining the power of distributed computing with flexible APIs and state-of-the-art scalable ML-based algorithms.

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