With 4,000 customers, JDA has built a powerful base of user expertise in every industry, functional area and region of the world. By joining a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG), you can leverage this global expertise to attack your own supply chain challenges.
JDA TV - Be Part of the In-Crowd: Join a SIG! - Suzanne Toepfer, Chicos and Special Interest Group President JDA TV - Be Part of the In-Crowd: Join a SIG! - Suzanne Toepfer, Chicos and Special Interest Group President

Discover the power of global networking

Ever feel like you’re going it alone? Like no one understands your supply chain challenges? Chances are, one of JDA’s 4,000 customers around the world has already tackled that exact same issue you’re struggling with. But how can you access this global expertise?

The answer is simple: Join a JDA Special Interest Group (SIG). JDA has created more than 40 SIGs that regularly bring JDA software users together to network, share best practices and benefit from lessons learned. By participating in a SIG that’s relevant to your function or your industry, you can create a culture of continuous learning within your organization — and maximize the return on your investment in JDA solutions. 

Have your voice heard

Do you wish JDA would add a new feature or additional functionality to the software you’re using? SIGs provide a direct line of communication to JDA’s product developers. Not only can you contribute important feedback that influences the future direction of JDA solutions, but you’ll also gain an insider’s perspective on JDA’s software development plans. SIG members are often the first to learn of planned solution upgrades and enhancements.

Membership in SIGs is open to all JDA customers. New members are always welcome; simply register at the JDA Customer Support website.

Be part of the in crowd

As a SIG member, you can:

  • Attend regularly scheduled virtual meetings, as well as on-site meetings during FOCUS and other JDA events
  • Network and build relationships with other SIG members
  • Communicate and collaborate with other members, including sharing best practices
  • Gain first-look insight into JDA product enhancement plans
  • Impact JDA’s product direction by recommending enhancements
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