How can Fulfillment help my business?

In today’s unified commerce world, profitable fulfillment is an enormous challenge. You want to maximize service by delivering products when and where consumers want them — but you also need to consider your own financial goals. Enter JDA Fulfillment. This best-in-class solution protects your margins by positioning the right inventory in the right DCs and stores at the right time. By leveraging real-world demand signals, JDA helps you create optimal, time-phased inventory and distribution plans.


  • Digital control tower that manages end-to-end supply chain visibility and control
  • Segmented service-level strategy across nodes and products
  • Multi-period, multi-echelon, unified commerce inventory planning across allocated and replenished products
  • Order optimization framework, including patented logic for managing slow-moving products
  • Advanced scenario and root-cause analytics against KPIs
  • Execution-aware with visibility into warehouse capacities


  • Order generation that maximizes customer service with minimal inventory, landed cost and effort to manage the orders
  • Supply Chain Visibility – accurate projections of inventory, purchases, warehouse flow, and transportation needs
  • Taking care of the most important customers and products
  • Achieving best in class customer service while reducing cost and inventory

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