How can Demand help my business?

Profitable fulfillment begins with a single, accurate, enterprise-wide view of consumer demand. But in today’s environment of shorter product lifecycles, seasonality, multiple channels, frequent promotions and continuously evolving localized shopper preferences, how can you achieve consistent forecast accuracy? With JDA Demand. Leveraging real-time market-insights, collaborative inputs and auto-tuned statistical algorithms, this solution generates a long-term perspective of demand, segmented by product, geography and channel — supporting strategic, proactive resource planning.


  • One enterprise-wide view of demand
  • Integrated planning framework with multiple forecasting algorithms
  • Scalability to handle hundreds of millions of SKUs
  • Robust collaborative consensus forecasting


  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Higher profitability, due to synchronization of resources with future demand

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