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In today's age of "me commerce," consumers are incredibly powerful and extremely demanding. They want to shop anywhere, anytime. They want personalized offers. They want new products, but delivered via a consistent experience. How can you possibly meet these demands, while protecting your margins? With JDA’s This cloud-based SaaS solution enables you to visually plan based on consumers’ actual buying behaviors, guided by big-data intelligence. With's near limitless scalability and agility, the power is back in your hands

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Now you can plan to deliver with Now you can plan to deliver with
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  • Near limitless scalability, real-time updates & fast, easy onboarding via Google Cloud
  • Intuitive, visual, online shopping-like workspaces
  • Continuous “no downtime” upgrades
  • Big data intelligence guided retail planning


  • Unprecedented affordability, agility & time to value through Google Cloud
  • Enhanced sales and margins via intelligent customer-centric assortment offers
  • Improved productivity & alignment through real-time collaboration with peers

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