Amway Executes on its Digital Transformation with JDA

Amway extends JDA footprint to 50 warehouses; goes live with 28 sites in just four months

Scottsdale, Ariz. June 05, 2018

Recently, Amway has embarked on a digital supply chain transformation, working with JDA Software, Inc., to standardize warehouse operations and increase order fulfillment effectiveness, resulting in a superior customer experience. Among its many achievements since beginning its digitalization push, Amway has implemented 50 strategic warehouse locations across the globe with JDA, and in the last four months alone, 28 warehouse sites went live in record speed in India.

Amway was founded in 1959 and is now a market leader in direct sales globally and is present in more than 100 countries and territories. Amway provides unparalleled business opportunity to entrepreneurs to own and operate their own business.  Amway manufactures over 500 nutrition, beauty, and home products globally, that are retailed by millions of Amway distributors across the world.  Amway’s Nutrilite is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand. Artistry is another Amway brand that is among the world’s top five, largest selling, premium skincare brands.

The regional Amway organization makes use of services of distribution centers in, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, India, the Netherlands, South Africa and Russia that offer a wide range of supply chain optimization and logistics solutions for its customers.

Amway embarked on a company-wide digitalization strategy in 2008, selecting JDA as its cornerstone for warehouse management, and, more importantly, as the first major step in its digital transformation. Amway has initially deployed JDA Warehouse Management in Russia, and since then, has grown its JDA footprint to a total of 50 warehouses, 28 of which are newly deployed in India. JDA Warehouse Management is the standard at Amway, and soon, the company will deploy JDA Demand and JDA Enterprise Supply Planning to support market inventory requirements planning.

“JDA is a key step towards our next generation digitalization strategy organization-wide,” said Anshu Budhraja, managing director, Amway India. “JDA has integrated our warehousing and inventory management operations with robust process controls making sure that we are delivering a best-in-class experience for our customers and distributors.”

In record time, the Amway project team seamlessly executed on a projected nine-month project deploying 28 sites in India in just four months. Amway deployed JDA Warehouse Management to manage all activity within its warehouses around Europe, Russia and India, including inbound receipts, storage, order picking, packing and shipping to customers via delivery, and replenishment of distribution centers and pickup centers. “These launches are a result of seamless collaboration between India Operations, Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence and the Regional Supply Chain support team and will contribute to an improved order fulfillment experience for distributors and customers in India.” said Marc van Pruijssen, director, supply chain development & innovations, Amway.

“We are proud to see how quickly and flawlessly the Amway team rolled out these 28 sites in record speed, further proof on how intuitive the JDA Warehouse Management platform is. Amway is a key example of a company that recognizes how crucial a digital supply chain strategy is,” said Johan Reventberg, president, EMEA, JDA. “With JDA as its global standard for warehouse management, Amway will reap process, operations and warehouse standardization that will not only increase the effectiveness of the order fulfillment process, it will ultimately improve the customer experience.”

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