Technology is the cornerstone of evolving, optimizing and maintaining the systems that deliver value via business solutions. FLEX Technology from JDA Software is the key strategy for enterprise architecture that provides the foundation to help you drive more value into your IT landscape.

Driving value with integration

FLEX Technology is transforming siloed products from just interfaced, to truly end-to-end integrated solutions. Our vision is to turn the capabilities of today into services of tomorrow by enabling you to:

  • Harmonize — Align and tie existing products together to provide greater value
  • Simplify — Support straightforward maintenance and evolution of a solution
  • Perform — Evaluate and adopt new technology that ensures performant solutions
  • Prepare — Adapt to new trends that provide the foundation for new generations of supply chain solutions

Are you ready to FLEX?

FLEX enables multiple deployment methods, including behind the firewall, in the cloud or as hybrid deployments that may include both aspects. FLEX delivers value by:

  • Reducing the TCO when implementing one or more JDA solutions
  • Driving innovation and speed to market of end-to-end solutions to enable increased business benefits
  • Providing consistent, predictable and repeatable integration capabilities within and across JDA solutions

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