Partnering with JDA to increase profits by 50% at Grupo Marti

Build a Profitable Customer Commerce Machine

Consumers are demanding seamless omni-channel shopping experiences. That’s a tall order for retailers and very few are making a profit at it so far. It means breaking down organizational silos and breaking through channel walls. It means throwing well-established business processes and old, disconnected systems out the window. To make a profit at omni-channel, you need fully integrated processes and technology for stores, commerce, fulfillment and planning.

Does this sound overwhelming?  It’s not.  JDA can help.

JDA Intelligent Retail Solutions – deliver profitable omni-channel shopping experiences:

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  • JDA Intelligent Store aligns inventory, labor and store operations with demand and fulfillment tasks to enhance cross-channel customer service profitably
  • JDA Intelligent Commerce enables you to present personalized customer offers with profitable promising options backed by intelligent sourcing decisions
  • JDA Intelligent Fulfillment synchronizes all physical and digital order demand channels with all order fulfillment points to provide seamless omni-channel shopping experiences for each and every customer
  • JDA Intelligent Planning parses data from all demand channels, touchpoints and social clues to create the most accurate financial, assortment and pricing plans aligned with customer buying behaviors

Supporting Financial Success

“If you look at Hibbett’s financial performance over the long term, we have been very successful. And I attribute much of that success to the JDA products that we currently have and those products we are moving to as well.”

Randy Buffon, VP Inventory Management, Hibbett Sports

JDA delivers real retail results around the world, including these global industry leaders:

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