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Today's business environment is buzzing with so many tech terms – AI, ML, IoT, SNEW, SaaS, Big Data, Robotics, and Edge– that it's hard to know what they all mean and how they can help your business. Because these technologies can have a significant impact on your supply chain and retail operations, your need know how they work and the benefits they offer – which have never been greater. JDA ICON is THE place to learn how to use these new technologies to raise your game from JDA, its partners and your peers.

And it's also about us!

With JDA's acquisition of Blue Yonder, we've accelerated our infusion of AI and ML across every aspect of our retail and supply chain solutions. That made this year the perfect one to evolve our best-in-class customer conference to better align with our company strategy.

With an emphasis on AI in the event logo, future JDA ICON events will focus on the intelligence we are embedding into existing and new solutions. Many of JDA's customers are already seeing the benefits of harnessing the power of AI and ML in our solutions, and we plan to highlight these onstage at JDA ICON and expect many more in the coming months and years!

JDA's ambitious future vision of delivering an Autonomous Supply ChainTM hinges on our ability to leverage these and other emerging technologies to make our customers' supply chains around the globe shorter, more automated and more predictive. This will allow our customers to empower their workforce, transform product delivery, optimize their inventory, merchandising and pricing strategies and provide a fulfilling, outstanding customer experience every time!

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