Earn the right to growth by improving customer’s lives!

At JDA, we value our customers and want their experience with us to be the best one possible. This attitude is part of our culture, our mission, and we live and breathe it every day. To celebrate our customers, we introduced our customer centricity effort, led by our Chief Customer Office, in late 2016 in conjunction with CXDay.

What, exactly, is the JDA Chief Customer Office?

The Chief Customer Office is led by Sharon Mills, JDA’s Chief Customer Officer (CCO). With ‘customer’ in the team’s title, you can imagine how focused they are on ensuring that all of our programs deliver profitable results for customers, increase their satisfaction and promote loyalty. This customer-first strategy makes it easier for customers to engage with us across the entire customer journey. Because at JDA, our customers are our #1 priority!
Customer Experience Lifecycle

The CCO mission

We know that customer centricity is more than just getting to know our customers. In fact, to truly improve our customer’s experience, we are laser focused on customer interaction, engagement, listening, trust, loyalty and relationship building. It is through each of these touchpoints that we get a true understanding of our customers’ needs and challenges. It is this new way of thinking and engagement that leads to an improved experience for both JDA and our customers, making the CCO mission a win-win for all.

Customer insights, experience, strategy

Now that you know about the CCO, the team and their mission, let’s talk about delivering on the promise. To gain that true understanding we talked about, the CCO and team implemented three areas of focus – customer insights, customer experience and customer strategy.

Customer insights – We are focused on listening to our customers, delivering and analyzing surveys to drive our customer strategy, and understanding customer metrics, such as Voice of Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and more.

Customer experience – We strive to understand our customer‘s journey and pain points, implement process improvements, and improve customer support.

Customer strategy – We leverage the combination of customer insights and experience, and develops a world-class strategy to improve the overall customer experience.

We realize that we must earn the right to growth by improving our customer’s lives.  And, we are dedicated to doing just that by engaging our customers, listening to them, earning their trust, building relationships and delivering on promises. At JDA, our customers are our number one priority, today and every day!